Adam Reep

As a Gadsden County Native, I hold a strong connection with Our Region.  The Tallahassee, Big Bend Area, offers a slow paced, North Florida lifestyle, unequaled by the rest of The State..  We're somewhere between Country Boy, and Beach Boy..  And we're looking for new members!

My background in coaching football, and manual labor makes me a regular guy, and my background in customer service provides me with a firm understanding of conflict resolution involving dollar signs.
I took a job in the real estate industry, and earned a training position 6 years ago. In that time, I received on the job training equal to that of a 4 year degree.  I coach Real Estate agents on how to best flex their muscles using online marketing tools, and train Customer Service Representatives on how to answer calls/emails from Real Estate agents.

I've always been known as a hard worker, and I make it my goal to turn my client's priority into my priority.

Give me a call.  Let's talk Real Estate! 


Adam Reep
Adam Reep
Sales Associate
1901 Capital Circle NE Tallahassee FL 32308
Let's talk real estate!